Thursday, 29 December 2011

U2 - Gloria

While this song is not exactly 'modern', one could argue that it definitely falls into the category of a 'pop' hymn, which is timeless.

When I first heard this song in the 80's, I thought it was about a girl called Gloria, because I didn't know latin, and I didn't have access to modern day tools like google translate.

If you translate the latin, you get something like:

Glory be to thee, O Lord 
Glory be glad 

When the lyrics talk about trying to stand up, but not being able to it reminds me of stories in the Bible of the manifest glory of God  'When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. The priests could not enter the temple of the LORD because of the glory of the LORD filled it. When all the Israelites saw the fire coming down and the glory of the LORD above the temple, they knelt on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave thanks to the LORD, saying 'He is good; his love endures forever.' 

The lyrics about trying to speak up, and 'Oh Lord, loosen my lips', remind me of Isaiah's encounter with the LORD. 'Woe is me!' I cried, 'I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips.... and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD almighty.' Then one of the seraphs flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar. With it he touched my mouth and said, 'See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.'

Then there is also the reference to the door being open, and 'You're standing there, you let me in'.
This reminds me of Jesus saying 'I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.'

Gloria by U2 is a beautiful song of worship.

I try to sing this song
I, I try to stand up
But I can't find my feet
I try, I try to speak up
But only in you I'm complete te domine
Oh Lord, loosen my lips

I try to sing this song
I, I try to get in
But I can't find the door
The door is open
You're standing there
You let me in te domine
Oh Lord, if I had anything
Anything at all
I'd give it to you
I'd give it to you

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